Our research focuses on the fundamental study of quantum materials and the development of their device applications in electronics, photonics, and energy conversion. Our work integrates synthesis, fabrication, and characterization to investigate and manipulate the electronic/optical properties of quantum materials. These studies elucidate the emergent properties of quantum materials and open up new directions in electronics, optics, and energy conversion.

Low-dimensional correlated materials

Low-dimensional correlated systems can host interesting electronic phases that can be readily controlled thanks to their reduced dimensionality. Our group is developing methods to synthesize and engineer correlated electron materials with atomic precision. We are also investigating how to engineer the electron correlation effects by designing the materials' structures at the atomic scale.

Light-matter interactions

We are interested in probing and controlling light-matter interactions and quantum phenomena in novel low dimensional materials. Our previous work revealed strong light-matter interactions and tunable exciton properties in engineered van der Waal heterostructures. Current projects focus on creating many-body phases such as Wigner crystals and Bose-Einstein condensate states in these heterostructures and develop optical tools to probe their properties.

Electronic phase transitions

Complex oxides feature strong many-body interactions and host intriguing magnetic and electronic phases. Our research in this area focuses on understanding the synthesis-structural-property relationships of transition metal oxides and control of phase transitions for electronic and energy devices. We are particularly interested in how electrical/optical fields and disorder can be used to control their properties.

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We are grateful to our sponsors, the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, and DARPA, for supporting our research.